The documents below are provided to assist you with your audition preparation and application for the Sydney Theatre School. Should you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the School using our contact form located here.

The documents below are provided in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader™ to be installed on your system. If you would prefer to receive our student information and application pack via post, please via our ‘How to Apply‘ page for instructions.

Student Application Form 2016This is the application form for 2016 courses.Download
Advanced Diploma Student Fees 2016These are the student fees for the 2016 Advanced Diploma Course.Download
Schedule-of-VET-Tuition-Fees-Advanced-Diploma-2016 V2.0Schedule-of-VET-Tuition-Fees-Advanced-Diploma-2016Download
Foundation Student Fees - 2016Foundation Student Fees - 2016Download
Audition-Guidelines 2016Audition Guidelines for Full Time Course 2016Download
Audition-Piece-Suggestion-Guide-2016Suggested audition monologues for 2016 Advanced Diploma auditions.Download
Student Information Form - 2016This is our standard student information form.Download
Participant Handbook Version 8 - 2015This is our participant handbook.Download
STS - Personal InformationSydney Theatre School Personal Information FormDownload
STS - Non academic greviance policy (Version 2)Non Academic Grievance PolicyDownload
STS - Grievance Policy and Procedure for Academic Matters (Version 2)Grievance Policy and Procedure for Academic MattersDownload
STS - Fair Treatment Policy (Version 2)Fair Treatment PolicyDownload
Statement of VET Tuition Assurance (V2)Statement of VET Tuition AssuranceDownload
Learner Pre-enrolment InformationLearner Pre-enrolment InformationDownload
CONSUMER AWARENESS GUIDEHelpful information regarding what to look for and what to avoid when choosing an acting school.Download